When Tourism becomes Culture

Tourism was once an adjunct of knowledge. People travelled to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, to find out about different cultures and religions and visit new, little known territories.
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Comments from our guests

  • Bernice

    The vinyards, the tastings, the food and the accommodations were magnificent. The program and customer service you have in place is exceptional.


  • Christine

    Firstly, let me say how much Brian and I enjoyed our tour with Vinarium. Everyone we met through Vinarium were a delight and made us feel welcome and special.


  • Ed

    Maria in Piedmont was an excellent guide and Valentina in Tuscany was just outstanding.  We would recommend Vinarium to others and feel free to use us as a reference in the future.


  • Mark

    I am sure you aware what a unique tour-guide and driver Giacomo is but I thought I would emphasize the point as I travel for a living.  He helped make the day very special.


  • Mark

    It was an absolutely fantastic day!  We were astounded by the knowledge of Ilaria and Leonardo.  They were spectacular in their roles! What an absolutely perfect day...

    Steve (& the rest of the group!)