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Horse back riding in the Amalfi Coast

Three brothers with the passion for horses grew up in a wonderful area of Southern Italy where Mother Nature blessed them with sea and mountains. They have been riding their rolling hills since they were kids and have turned a passion into a way of life, moreover they are part of ENGEA equestrian trekking association ,and skilfull horse guide. They act as some sort of tutor for guests who are interested in learning about things to do and see in this area. They enjoy giving advice and suggestions on the places to visit and experiences to be made in order to be truly part of an Amalfi coast village and feel the warm welcome of its people. Their versatile horses are mainly of local origin with some Quarter Horse. They  are sure-footed and steady, well-used to the rugged terrain and beaches surrounding this Italian getaway. They spend most of their time outdoor  and are only taken to their stables when  ready to be ridden or whilst being fed. They use Western riding style and tack.


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